On 29 September 2014 Gauteng Province Economic  Development held an program to inform how they gonna revitalize township economy and how they call on people to PRODUCE THINGS THEY SELL,MOBILISE TOWNSHIP BUYING POWER,ORGANISE AND CO-OPERATE FOR THE TOWNSHIP ECONOMY in order to eradicate unemployment,poverty and inequality in South Africa.They say government want to partner with townships business and it want to eliminate tenders procedures and empower communities to get work on their own communities.MMC Ruby Mathang and  GEP CEO P Twala Tau were also part of that program.




Human Trafficking its form of modern day slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others and its a crime that often goes under-reported.Women and children who are younger than 18 years are mostly affected by this Human Trafficking.Countries like Bangladesh,Brazil,Pakistan,India,Sri-Lanka,Haiti,Nepal,Uganda,Ghana and China are top 10 countries that rank higher on Human Trafficking and some countries like Algeria,Central Africa Republic and Sudan are among countries or nations given lowest ranking on Human Trafficking.We must be conscientious and learn more about this Human Trafficking,start anti-trafficking coalition,volunteer to do victim outreach and donate funds needed to anti-trafficking organization in our area


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Many people around South Africa ant working and they end up becoming targets on scam around their local place,is it fair to ask someone who its a job seeker an amount of  R300 ?NO its not fair because this people are desperate for work so its not easy to get that moola even if they do  so its not right to want moola on those people before they work because its gonna give them a problem again on transport so guys please be aware of those people please.


Everyone has a place to start somewhere so before I came to Westbury Youth Centre I was little bit unfocused and relaxed about my life and to achieve my goals,I was not giving my goals enough time and I was afraid to challenge or take some steps forward towards my goals or career but since I came part of the centre  I know what my goals are and what behaviours  I need to change on my life in order to be where I want to be in life and stop pleasing those who are around me,do things that will benefit me.Being part of Social Media programme has changed my life completely because right now I can read news online am no longer going to shops and stand on queues to buy newspapers and am social media literate,all thanks to Westbury Youth Centre management and facilitators for helping me to get where I am today.